Все фото и видеоклипы публикуются с ведома и разрешения служителей, которые их предоставили.

Food assistance for those in need in the zone of active hostilities.

Help to refugees from the hot spots.

Ministry in Donetsk region.

Evacuating disabled people.

The refugees from the hot zones of Ukraine.

Providing foods and rest to refugees.

Ministry in Chernihiv.

Gratitude for help from sisters fron Chernihiv church.

Refugees from Donetsk region.

Evacuation of people from Slavinsk, Donetsk region.

People receiving humanitarian aid

Evacuation of elderly and disabled people

Helping bedridden refugees

Senior from the damaged city thanks for help

Mother of four little kids from Chernihiv thanks for help.

Giving away the food sets.

Горячие нужды